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Sex Offender Treatment
The Sex Offender Treatment Program provides individualized treatment for males/females, juveniles and adult offenders. Treatment modality can focus on individual and family therapy. Treatment will be provided by a state certified CSOTP. ASCI's vision is to enhance public safety by providing structured sex offender treatment. The primary purpose of this program is to reduce the likelihood of re-offending and to have a comprehensive treatment plan that will focus on community treatment; clinically intensive in-home; monitoring in the community; and provide treatment milieu of services based on severity of offense, i.e. Very high risk (high probability to re-offend; Moderate High risk (1st exposure to treatment); Low to moderate risk (stable in community) and Low risk reoffending (discharge phase). 

  • Increased community safety through reduced risk of re-offenses;
  • Reparations to victim(s); community; and
  • Improved capacity for a responsible lifestyle and healthier relationships.