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Employee Assistance Program
ACSI is now providing professional and confidential consultation for a wide range of personal and work-related concerns that could include: crisis response and management; improve individual and team performance; reduce behavioral risk and conflict; and plan for the human impact of change. EAP is most successful if employees seek assistance during the early stages of their problems. With early intervention and treatment, they can maintain productive employment and personal relationships can be salvaged. ACSIs’ programs focus on treating mental, emotional issues with marriage and family, financial problems, and problems caused by alcohol and drug use. The program can provide an economic return to the employer, enhance morale, and foster good employee relations. The individual will also benefit by being part of a safer, more productive workforce. Ultimately, ACSIs’ EAP is a productivity program as well as an employee benefit. Treatment is designed to help individuals who are experiencing difficulties in various facets of life. Personal assessment, evaluation, and diagnostic testing will be used, as needed.

Clinical staff will be able to devise a therapeutic program that is unique to each individual's needs. Problem-solving, decision-making, and coping skills are some of the areas which are developed through the treatment.